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As your Civil District Judge, I promise my court will be welcoming, accessible, and fair for all.


This will be the people’s court.


I will treat every person that walks into my courtroom as a whole person, who brings a lifetime of experiences with them and circumstances in their life I will strive to understand. Oftentimes, the most intimate and personal details of a person’s life are being reviewed in the courtroom, which is an incredibly vulnerable place to be. That is why I will listen with an open mind and an open heart. I will make sure every person, whether they win or lose their case, leaves my courtroom feeling seen and heard.

A judge needs to understand the law and the people they serve in order to make fair judgements in alignment with the rule of law. I understand both intimately. I have practiced law for 23 years, gaining a deep knowledge of family law, personal injury, wills/probate, criminal law, CPS, and real estate. I am one of only 823 attorneys out of 100,000 in Texas that are Board Certified in Family Law, a certification with a rigorous process to attain. I know I am the highly-qualified candidate Travis County deserves.


I became an attorney to serve the people in my community that needed a champion, and I believe a seat as a judge is the next step in my journey to serve the people around me. I began my career by starting a free legal clinic right out of law school, providing free legal advice to those that could otherwise not afford it. Currently, I provide free legal services on behalf of the Volunteer Legal Services of Central Texas.

Since then, I have continued to provide free law services and stayed active in my community, such as volunteering my time as an Election Judge and volunteer deputy voter registrar and serving as Vice President of the PTA of my children's school. Now I would like to serve Travis County as the next judge of the 261st District Court.

What is the 261st Court?

The 261st is a Civil Court, meaning it is "the first place all divorce cases, cases involving title to land, election contest cases, and civil matters in which the amount of money or damages involved is $200 or more are heard." That means this is where non-criminal matters between two or more parties is resolved, such as between individuals, businesses, or government entities. When you think of a lawsuit, this is where most go.

In Travis County, we have 12 District Courts that share a central docket, meaning any case going before a judge will be assigned based on the availability of judges, rather than geography. So anybody in Travis County could have their case heard in the 261st Court.

Why do Civil District Courts matter?

Incredibly important and personal issues are resolved in Civil District Courts.

• Divorce and Custody cases
• Protective orders in the case of domestic violence
• Property disputes
• Personal injury cases, and more.

These cases have life-altering consequences, so having a judge on the bench that is both experienced and compassionate and understanding of the lives of everyday people is critical.


Civil District Courts are also often the first place where matters that impact the full community are heard. For example, cases regarding mask mandates, election disputes, and abortion access were all heard in a Civil District Courts before being appealed to higher courts. This is why we must elect judges that know the law and who will make the right rulings for our community.


Black Austin Democrats

Pflugerville Area Democrats

Austin Black Lawyers Association

ATX National Women's Political Caucus

Hon. Sheryl Cole, Representative for Texas House District 46

Nelson Linder, NAACP President

Hon. Doug Weiss

Hon. Rudy Metayer

Hon. Jim McDonald

Hon. Kim Holiday

Chas Moore, Austin Justice Coalition

Noelita Lugo, Austin ISD Board of Trustees

Mike Siegel, Former Candidate

Dr. Chris Harvey, Mayor of Manor, Texas

Pastor Joseph C. Parker, Jr., David Chapel Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor Danny Thomas, Former Travis Co. Constable, Pct. 1


I'm Pam Davis and I'm running to be your next 261st District Judge.

I’m a native Texan, Longhorn, TSU Law grad, wife and mother to two teens and a goldendoodle. I’m so honored for this opportunity to run - I want to bring my two decades of experience as a litigator, mediator, and Family Law expert to run a court that will truly serve our community.

My passion to help everyday people has been the driving force of my career and now serves as my inspiration to run for office. Whether it’s a parent making ends meet, a defendant navigating the legal system, or someone seeking justice, I have always worked within our justice system to put people first.


When I worked at the Child Support Division of the TX Attorney General’s office, I established policies to help Texas children as the State/Federal Relations Manager. Later, I opened a private practice where I could once again focus on directly representing people with the everyday issues they face - family law, personal injury, wills/probate, criminal law, and real estate. Family Law is one of the most needed areas of legal assistance in our community, and I am one of only 823 attorneys Board Certified in Family Law in the entire state.


I hope to see you on the campaign trail and really listen to your thoughts about how we can promote diversity, peace, and justice in Travis County. I know this campaign ahead will be challenging - I hope to earn your trust and prove that I have the qualifications, vision, and perspective to best serve as your 261st District Judge.

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