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About Me

The daughter of a working-class, community-oriented family, my parents taught me the value of serving the people around me. I became an attorney to bring justice to those that need it most, and I’ve spent my 23 years of practice fighting for the children and working people of Texas.

My Story

I come from a working class family of people that believe in serving their fellow people, and I grew up in a vibrant, close-knit community in the fifth ward in Houston. 


My father was the son of sharecroppers, a minister, a man who worked to become the first African American to earn a civil engineering degree from the University of Arkansas, achieved his master’s degree, served as a Captain in the U.S. Army, owned a restaurant, and taught at Texas Southern University. My mother completed a degree in Sociology in her 40’s, cared for her parents in their old age, and fostered an environment of safety for the children of my neighborhood. From these amazing people, I learned the values that define me as a person, and that I believe will define me as a judge. Compassion, service, and perseverance. 


As a minister in our neighborhood church, my father taught me what it means to do service in community. What I loved most about our community was the openness, the bringing people in, and the love shown for everybody. My parents served the community in another way, running a BBQ and soul food restaurant where we knew the regulars by name and story. Once I became an attorney, some of my first clients were my own neighbors who knew me from when I worked in that restaurant, and they got my business card from where it was kept on the counter. 


There was no doubt in my mind that I would also serve humankind like my parents, and my interest in law as a way to serve others was sparked when a childhood friend received a life prison sentence when we were just eighteen.  Such a harsh sentence made me start contemplating the real meaning of “justice."


I am a proud Longhorn and went to undergrad at the University of Texas, where I came of age in Austin and fell in love with the city. I returned to Houston and received my Juris Doctor at Texas Southern University, a public historically black university. 

My Journey

Right out of law school, I opened a free legal clinic with a friend, energized and ready to change the world. We served the people of the third ward of Houston, providing free legal advice and bringing experts and judges to provide free seminars. Being able to provide quality legal advice to those that need it the most, and who are disproportionately excluded from access to justice, is at the heart of why I became a lawyer, and I made it a priority at the beginning of my career. In these early years, when I wasn’t at the free legal clinic or working representing my clients, I was developing my skills by sitting in the courtroom when respected lawyers were arguing cases to observe and take notes.


I practiced law in the courtroom for over a decade, learning the intricacies of family and civil law, representing people in some of their most personal and vulnerable moments as we worked through divorces, child custody cases, personal injury, and so much more. From there, I served as an Assistant Attorney General in the Child Support Division, where I conducted hundreds of contested case hearings, provided in-house law services to all child support offices in Texas, and ultimately focused on writing policy and legislation to benefit the children of Texas.


While developing policy at the Attorney General's Office, I began yearning to return back to the courtroom.  And more importantly, I missed the people. I missed feeling that direct impact I was making in my community. Now, this is not to say that writing policy isn’t important, because it is, but I learned it’s not the means of change that most fills my spirit. 


And this is why I want to be a judge. A judge’s role is to use their legal expertise to make life-altering decisions in the everyday lives of everyday people. A judge needs to both intimately understand the law and intimately understand the lives and circumstances of the people that walk into their courtroom.


This is what I am called to do. 


Every single person that enters my courtroom, whether they win or lose, will leave knowing that they were seen as a whole human being, they were heard to the fullest, and that the decision was made according to the rule of law. 


That is my promise to every voter and to every person that might need to make use of the civil courts in Travis County. 


  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Texas at Austin

  • Juris of Doctorate, Texas Southern University, Houston Texas 

  • Harris County District Attorney’s Office Externship

  • Private Practice (Austin, 2016 - Present; Houston, 1998-2005 and 2008-2010)

  • Started a free legal clinic at a local community center in Houston (1998)

  • Office of the Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Division (Austin, 2005-2016)

  • LBJ Women’s Campaign School, University of Texas, Inaugural Class 

  • Black Campaign School

  • Austin Bar Association’s Leadership Academy

Certification and Memberships

  • Board Certified in Family Law

  • Certified Mediator

  • Texas Bar Member (1998-present)

  • Houston Bar Association (1998-2010)

  • Austin Bar Member (2010-present)

  • Austin Black Lawyers Association Member (2017-present)

  • Texas Academy of Family Law Specialists 

  • Travis County Women Lawyers Association

  • History and Traditions Committee (2020-present)

Community Engagement

  • Volunteer Legal Services of Central Texas, Volunteer (2019-present)

  • Election Judge and Worker, Travis County

  • Voter Deputy Voter Registrar, Travis County

  • Mentor, Jamil Mentoring Program, Park Crest Middle School (2019-2020)

  • Member of the Campus Academic Advisory Council, Kelly Lane Middle School (2019-present)

  • Harmony School of Excellence, 2nd Vice President/Member of PTO Board (2012-2014) 

  • Murchison Elementary, PTO Member

  • Adopt A School Committee Chair/Member

  • Summer Speaker African American Youth Harvest Foundation (2021)

  • Austin Alumnae Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Member  

  • Ladies Steering Committee, East Side COC 

  • Spring Charity Fashion Show, Organizer (2015)

  • Volunteer Legal Speaker at various community events


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